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I like this only face gifs :)
You can imagine, what he/she/it is doing to her. 3:)
Made this pathetic slut fuck her throat good and deep as it craved to be used at Kik. Love how she ruined her looks and make up! 
Rubber Restrained and Bagged, All images and full length video on Rubber Restrained (http://www.RubberRestrained.com).

Mary experiences the power of rope..., full set on Club RopeMarks http://www.ClubRopeMarks.com, with Mary Gram, photo's by ME-Chiel
No cock sucking here but ain't that beautiful!
One of the few hoop earrings girl bondage movie. The rigger was so careful, great! It is so few videos with large hoop girls, because it is needed to be very careful during the tying. (source: www.bondagediva.dk , secondary source: www.bdsmstreak.com)
If she makes any sound except for a pig snort, she gets a powerful shock from the implement on her right breast.
Tightly bound tits and extremely tight bondage for her arms, gagged and helpless ..connected to hair, yummy!
>> She just wanted to try out this latex stuff she recently found ... what an unlucky moment for an intruder
You were pretty nervous to go to the doctor again. You always hated doctors. But that was childish. As you sat there that young strong man of a doctor came in and greets you. You greet back, sitting there in your tshirt and miniskirt due to the heat outside. You notice him staring at your breast and then at your skirt.. or more likely what was beneath it. It made you cuite uncomfortable so you cough a bit. He shook a bit his head and put a smile on "Excuse me! I was distracted by your slutty miniskirt. Its like you wanted be fucked hard." You are shocked! What was that? You stare at him in disbelief and starting to feel worried. He turns around to the desk at the wall and start looking for something in the drawer. You decide that now is the moment to go. You hated doctors anyway. You stand up and start moving slowly to the door. You almost reached it as a strong hand grabs your shoulder and twist you around. "Where are you going you little cumwhore? You didnt get your medicine yet!" the doctor said and in the moment where you just opened your bit he shoved that spider gag in your mouth harshly. It happened so fast you couldnt even react. Your mouth was forced to stay open while he closed the gag so thightly behind your head that it didnt move a millimeter. Finally you awaked out of your paralyze but it was too late. He was too strong and just put your hand aside. "You have a bit too much temperament. If I want to sell you we need to work on that!" As he said that he put that little capsule in your mouth which immediately broke in your mouth. It was really bitter and suddenly you lost your conscious. You woke up by a clicking sound. You were naked and tied with several leather streams on the chair. The click sound came from the smarthphone of the doctor taking pictures of you. "Oh you're awake! I just make some pictures for the customers. They want to see what a slave they buy. I need to make also a list of skills... what they are we are gonna find out now" He said as he opened his pants while you could only watch and wait ...
Don't exactly know how these gags are called, but it's an interesting one!
Tightly tied breasts, gagged mouth, difficult position ...yep, that works!
How lovely is that? Great struggle as well.